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Who is Alicia Allen?

The Alicia Allen Investigates crime novels are fast-paced suspense mysteries, full of twists and turns, following in the tradition of writers such as Nicci French and Sue Grafton. 

Introducing crime fiction’s insightful detective….


London’s delightful Anglo-Italian solicitor sleuth with a passion for Pringles…and solving crime.

 A word from the author

‘Welcome to the Alicia Allen Investigates website. If you like the crime fiction genre, particularly murder mysteries, and are interested in a bit of sleuthing of your own then you’re in the right place.

Let me tell you something about Alicia – the Pringle munching, Anglo-Italian private client lawyer – and the central character in these books. Before all this began her life was probably very much like that of any other lawyer working in her area of expertise in London. She enjoyed her job and she worked hard but nothing particularly extraordinary ever happened and she wished that one day something would. Now I know what you might be thinking: be careful what you wish for. Nothing could be truer in Alicia’s case.  That day arrived when Tammy, the young Australian model, living in the flat below Alicia’s was savagely murdered and then everything changed.

Alicia never intended to become embroiled in Tammy’s murder investigation, but when her brother begged Alicia to help she just couldn’t refuse. It’s true what they say you know. Once you’ve started you can’t go back, and for Alicia there was certainly never any question of turning back. It was as if I she was being propelled forward, compelled to pursue every line of enquiry even though she was aware that what she was doing was extremely dangerous and could have fatal consequences. Alicia had to get justice for Tammy you see. She always knew that she had to find her killers even if it was the last thing she herself would do. And it’s been that way with her other investigations too, and no doubt she’ll feel the same way if this happens to her again in the future….after all when you deal with Wills and Inheritance where money and emotions are involved there’s an awful lot of scope for murder….

I hope you’ll join Alicia in her quest to solve the crimes and enjoy reading the Alicia Allen Investigates crime trilogy.’

Celia Conrad

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