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Celia Conrad

Celia Conrad

I hope you are enjoying your visit to the Alicia Allen Investigates website and reading about my crime trilogy.

The idea of writing a crime novel came to me after chatting with a friend over ten years ago. I was relaying some experience I had had within the law and ‘telling my story’ and he asked me whether I had ever considered putting my thoughts down on paper. A Model Murder started with some pencil scribblings jotted down on the back of an envelope. My then literary agent told me that I would have to write more than one book to be taken seriously as a crime writer and that is how it all began. My Guest Blog with VA for Authors entitled ‘How to start a book and finish it’ goes in to more detail. You can read it by clicking here.

Alicia is very much a product of my imagination but I have used my experiences of working within the legal profession and my love of Italy and Italian and, of course, Pringles in her creation. She has dogged determination and a keen sense of justice, but most of all she has a conscience. She’s also very human and has her foibles.

I want you to be able to connect with Alicia and be ‘there’ with her as she solves the crime, feeling her emotions and following her thought processes as she gets into the mindset of the murderer or murderers.

It was my intention to create key characters that appear in every book. I have written each of the books so that they may be read in isolation or as part of a series although I hope you will read the series in book order.

I hope you will enjoy reading the trilogy.

If you would like to contact me you can find me on Twitter, Facebook or through my Author Blog.

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